ABout Genevieve Doiron, RMT-Birth Doula


It all started when...

I was 13 years old and studying Ballet full time. The extra hours spent dancing and training was a dream come true but resulted in a compartment syndrome (shin splints). The only intervention I received was was deep tissue massage on my lower legs and exercises I was to do at home. After a few massages and some modified classes, I was better and able to return to my full schedule. I was impressed!! The concept that we can be healed with massage therapy was pulling me towards a career I would fall in love with. 

After attending college for Massage & Hydrotherapy, I registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario in 2007. While working on clients with variety conditions such as low back pain, headaches and sciatica successfully, I very quickly realised that Prenatal Massage was my calling. Supporting pregnant people throughout their pregnancy by relieving their aches and pains, answering questions or directing them to good resources is especially rewarding. This passion led me to becoming a Birth Doula and I have been fortunate enough to support clients from preconception to birth and beyond. 

I incorporate Relaxation Massage into every treatment as I believe our bodies respond to deeper muscle techniques when we are relaxed. I sincerely love my job, and see every treatment as an opportunity to improve someone else's day (or month, or year!)

I offer direct billing to many health insurance companies and those with massage coverage under Veteran's Affairs Canada.

When I'm not at the office, I divide my time between heading up to the cottage, reading, cooking, eating, walking my dog and paddling in a canoe.